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Sharon H. 2020

"From the moment I called, I felt right at home and comforted to know that I had already had such personable service. I was able to get in very quickly! Dr. Kathleen was extremely helpful and was able to give me immediate relief from my condition and peace of mind. As she performed the procedure that day, she kept me very calm and explained each step. It was a pleasure to talk with her and for us to get to know each other! When I had a question a few days later about the condition of my toe, she made a personal call and helped me right away! She even scheduled a second appointment for me a few days later just to make sure that things were headed in the right direction. I am grateful to everyone for the professionalism, personal care and pleasant experience (for something that is not usually fun at all!) Thank you so much;I cannot wait to continue with my treatment plan keep make my feet fabulous!"

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