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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistic Podiatry?

Holistic Podiatry is Integrative Medicine. This combines western practices (ex. medications & in office procedures) and eastern practices (ex. acupressure & aromatherapy).

Why do you not take insurance?

Here are a few reasons that I do not work for or with insurance companies regarding delivery of health care. Transparency of fees. No third party interference in your health decisions. More time to spend with patients. A credit card holds your appointment, fee is charged after service or for no show.

What Happens at a Visit?

You are greeted by doctor. You are offered something to drink and to use the rest room. Your feet are soaked in warm soapy water, while you share your concerns. Your feet are examined after being wiped off with warm towels. You receive an examination & treatment as appropriate. You receive application of lavender, tea tree, and biofreeze with peppermint.  You check out up front pay & reschedule.

How do I make or change an appointment?

Just Click on the schedule now portion of the appointment tab. This brings you to the scheduling program. Also heres a link SCHEDULE NOW

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