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Meditation Made Easy

Meditation Sessions are provided in a private room, on a comfortable memory foam cot. You will enjoy a warm blanket and listen to soothing music. The sessions are 50 minutes however you are free to end your session when ever it feels right to you, often people will fall asleep.  At the end of your session, you are brought back to awareness by a soft knock on the door. 

The mat creates a harmonic and peaceful cocoon around the body utilizing 432 and 528 HZ musical resonance.  If you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner the “Cohere Meditation Mat” TM will provide you with a truly unique experience. 

First Session


We really want you to meditate. You’re invited to enjoy a 50 minute meditation. Relax on a memory foam cot, tucked in with a cozy blanket and pillow, headphones and music will coax you in to deep relaxation

Meditation Member


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, Really.

We really want you to meditate! Commit to 4x a year on an honor system = membership

*no dues *no drafts

 *no nonsense


Session $59.95

Hey we know commitment is hard. So if you really just need an a’ la cart service then enjoy a 50 minute stand alone service. We hope that you return again and again at your own pace. Every session is a benefit. 

Cohere™ Meditation Mat

“The Cohere™ Meditation Mat is more than a meditation tool. The Cohere™ mat assists in elevating the body's physical frequency to more closely match one's own unique energetic blueprint of the ideal self. This frequency elevation prompts the release of stress and emotional blockages, which in turn leads to a greater sense of peace and renewal“ Ross Newkirk President Conscious Technologies

What our customers are saying

"Kathleen, what ever you paid for this mat, ​it is not enough! What an incredible experience" Judy W

"I feel so relaxed, it is so hard to put in to words, my mind is able to slow down and I feel my breathe, I feel awake but then also asleep. I just love it" Rachel S

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